Being Prepared

Most of us plan for the years when we no longer need to, want to, or cannot work. It is a necessity we cannot afford to ignore. The federal and state governments have programs such Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to which we we all contribute while working. Being informed as to what we have earned and making sure we receive these important benefits is part of “Being Prepared.”

Where to Start

Knowing where to start can help make planning easier. The information below will highlight the main steps for you.
We find once families know what to do, planning is not difficult. As funeral directors, we are able to assist with the details and answer questions you may have about government death benefits and funeral planning. No matter what you decide to do first, it’s important to start now, today.

Why You Should Plan

We plan for every aspect of life. Having a family, vacations, weddings, and retirement are all things we plan. We prepare for what might happen such as fires, accidents or floods. But, because most of us do not like to think about death-we avoid making important funeral decisions in advance. Now more than ever, it is important to plan ahead. Our way of life to more complicated. Family members often live in different states, dealing with government agencies can be frustrating, and every household feels the impact of inflation.  
Family members making funeral arrangements immediately following a death often are confused and upset. Many times, they do not have the information needed to claim benefits. Each year millions of dollars in government and insurance benefits go unclaimed. Planning ahead prevents emotional overspending and protects your family interests.

Find out how to make arrangements in advance.