At Hughes Funeral Homes, we encourage families to create very personalized services. It is important to acknowledge that life that has been lived and to offer to the community a way in which to celebrate that life.
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By offering services and memorialization features that are personal and special, a unique life can be remembered and honored in an individualized way that is comforting to the family and friends.
Our staff prides itself with generations of experience and dedication to our customers. We understand that you want the best for your loved ones and that times are tough in more ways than one. We are here to help and you could feel confident in your decision in chosing one of our four locations to best suit your needs.
We offer various services to make a time for family to reflect on all the gifts that your loved ones have provided to friends and family during their lifetime. We provide a comfortable environment for friends and family to gather together and pay their respects.
You can select from any of our locations to find further information on how to contact us and possibly set up a consultation.